ART COLOGNE – Galerie Gisela Clement

Ulrike Rosenbach, ART COLOGNE
16–19 November 2023

Visit us at our booth A322 @ART COLOGNE With our curated booth we present three artists ULRIKE ROSENBACH, GABRIELE STÖTZER and MARGOT PILZ.

All three artists are united by their artistic, political and social commitment to the emancipation of women. For Ulrike Rosenbach her early connection to the American feminists was decisive. Her work "Art is a criminal Action" from 1969 is an icon in Art History. Gabriele Stötzer developed her first photographic series, performances and video works in the underground of the GDR in the early 80's without any contact to the international scene. At the same time Austrian artist Margot Pilz developed her work in Vienna, in close collaboration with the art scene and other female artists.