On Target

Ulrike Rosenbach, on target
Opening of Exhibition: 9 July 2017 at 20:00

On Target is an ambitious project of Pafos2017 on war and violence. The original idea is based on the work “Human Targets” by the Cypriot visual artist Rinos Stefani. The curator of the project, prominent German art historian Inge Baecker, with the assistance of the visual artist Susan Vargas, invited the artists Tammam Azzam, Molitor & Kuzmin, Ulrike Rosenbach and Rinos Stefani to contribute to this exhibition. The exhibition also features works by Wolf Vostell, one of the most influential artists of contemporary art and a pioneer of the Happenings and Fluxus movements. 
Cyprus is surrounded by countries in conflict and has itself gone through the experience of war and refugees. Military targets, check points and the Buffer Zone are there to constantly remind us of this violence. Similar situations are being experienced in many places around the world.